Halquist Stone is proud to be awarded Certifications for quarrying and fabrication operations under ANSI-NSC 173 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension stone standards.  We are the only Midwest Limestone producer certified, and only the eighth company in the USA to be awarded.  This certification is the ONLY certification for stone companies, and is nationally recognized by the United States Green Building Council.  Architects, masons, and owners can rest assured that Halquist Stone products have been produced to the highest standards of social, economic and environmental responsibility in the stone industry.

In its truest form, sustainability is a three-prong strategy involving environmental, social and economic requirements and that is how green building programs have been created.   Construction materials must have an environmentally preferable profile over their life cycle, from raw material extraction through the use phase and finally at the end of its application. The methods used to construct the building must be environmentally considerate. USGB LEED® is based on upholding these canons, and using sustainable stone can give one LEED® credit - regardless of building location.