Natural stone is more than rock people build with, it's naturally elegant, pure, and a solid indication of your personality. Using Halquist natural stone presents an authentic image to others and cultivates a deeper form of integrity. Nature makes no excuses, puts on no disguises, hides absolutely nothing, and never settles for less than the real thing. Only natural stone can make these claims.

Halquist veneer stones are presented in seven collections. Each type represents a grouping of stones with a similarity of shapes and processing methods from all Halquist's major quarry areas: Lannon, Chilton, Fond du Lac and Stevens Point Wisconsin. We can either customize these or brainstorm with you for a custom blend to go with your specific project.

Stone veneers throughout these collections are available as either full veneer or in our Thinstone thincut veneer (Please call for advisement of exterior installation of Stakledge).

Throughout our entire website our stone color profiles are shown without grout joints as we focus more on the beauty and color of the stone. Visit the Grout Techniques page to see how grout techniques can have an effect on stone.