Clear Stone | Aggregates

Halquist Stone is Wisconsin's leading producer of construction aggregates. We produce these materials from natural limestone deposits. Our quarrying process typically begins with drilling and blasting the rock into smaller pieces. Next, the material goes through various stages of crushing and screening to produce the sizes and specifications desired by our customers.

Aggregates are sized into one of two categories: clear stone (no fines) or base course (with fines). Clear stones are various sizes of aggregate with the fine material either screened or washed out of the product. Among other properties clear stone allows drainage through the material. Specifically, Clear Stone is produced by screening out/or washing out fine materials. Below you will find our standard inventoried sizes. Additionally, we frequently manufacture custom blends to meet specific needs of a given project.

1/4" chips
used in manufacture of concrete block,
seal coating, hot mix asphalt, cold patch,
pipe bedding and backfill material.

1 1/2" (#2)
used in free draining fill material,
road, driveway and parking lot base,
french drains and landscape aggregate

washed manufactured sand
used in precast concrete, asphalt,
specialty concrete block, stone retaining
walls, bedding for brick & block pavers

3/8" chips
bedding of smaller diameter sewer and
water pipes, hot mix asphalt, concrete
and precast concrete

2 1/2" (#3 clear)
used in tracking pads on construction
sites. foundation in poor/wet soils,
erosion control and a base layer for
rip-rap erosion control rock

dry manufactured sand
produced without water, it is coveted
by asphalt producers for high strength
pavements with low drying costs

5/8" chips
used in hot mix asphalt, concrete
bedding and backfill stone

#5 stone
used in erosion control applications
such as gabion baskets

3/4" chips (#1)
used in pipe bedding, hot mix asphalt,
concrete, free draining foundation backfill, base for concrete, retaining wall backfill, drain tile and landscape cover

used as free draining backfill material,
large diameter pipe bedding and in
high quality, large stone asphalt mixes